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Personal Injury Lawyer
Personal Injury


I have handled scores of Louisiana personal injury cases, particularly in Lafayette.  Generaly, if you are involved in an accident, you need to take the following steps:


1.   Call 911 or have someone call for you if you are unable to do it yourself.  Be courteous to the investigating police officer, even if you think he is wrong.

2,   Take pictures or have someone take pictures that you believe will help your case.  (Take pictures of all  vehicles involved in a car accident and the names and addresses of all witnesses).

3.    Go to the emergency room if you need immediate medical assistance.   You are not required to go by ambulance if you are able to drive, or if someone can take you.

3.   Make an appointment with an attorney as soon as possible, and politely decline to speak to an insurance adjuster.  Do not call your own insurance carrier until you speak to your own attorney first.

Attorney's fees are charged on contingency basis and there is no consultation fee.

Immigration Lawyer Lafayette Louisiana
Contracts, Business, and Immigration law


I previously updated the Louisiana Law Treatise of Obligations, and I have been involved in numerous cases involving breach of contract, fraud, construction law disputes, and other business related cases. Unless fraud is clearly proven, the law does not provide for attorney's fees.


We recommend that each contract contains a provision regarding the payment of reasonable attorney's fees, expenses, and court costs, just in case the other party breaches his side of the agreement.  Remember that if you sign a contract freely and voluntarily, you still need to see an attorney in case a dispute arises, because it may be set aside on other grounds. 


We also handle Immigration law.


Call for a consultation. ($75 for 20 minutes)

Divorce, Custody, Support and Community Property Lawyer
Family Law & Divorces


I have also handled scores of Louisiana divorce cases, particularly in Lafayette.  Our  family law cases alsoinclude interdiction cases.  I handle both the simplest and the most complicated divorce cases, including cases involving issues of custody, child support, spousal support, community property partitions, and protective orders. I have also handled cases involving adultery, where it was beneficial to the client to proceed for an immediate divorce.  Divorce can be obtained on several grounds, including domestic violence.   Generally, if you plan to file for divorce, or if you think that your spouse is about to leave you or file for divorce, it may be very wise not tell your spouse that you are seeking legal advice, and you should immediately seek a lawyer's guidance.  Secure all of your personal papers quietly, and safeguard all proof of income, expenses, and all documents regarding assets and liabilities, in a safe location.   Do not share your intentions with those who may relate them to your spouse either. 

Unfortunately in some cases, although the parties may have discussed an "amicable" dissolution of their marriage,  one of them wants his way or the highway.  For that reason, you must still secure the previously mentioned documents, as more  likely than not, the dissolution of the marriage will not be amicable.

Call for a consultation. ($75 for 20 minutes)

For fees and special offers on uncontested divorces, see the menu tab above titled "Uncontested Divorces."

Wills and Succession
Wills, Donations, and Successions


Apart from the usual notarial acts, such powers of attorney, Cash Sales, title searches and property closings, as well as other legal documents needed by the general public on a  regular basis, our law office prepares Wills, Acts of Donation, and also handles Successions (Estate Planning).

Except in rare cases, I have to come to believe that everyone has to have a Will (testament), 

Call for a consultation. ($75 for 20 minutes)

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