The best way of choosing a lawyer is to ask family and friends, bearing in mind that not all cases are alike, and that each person's circumstances differ.  You want to ask about four things that are essential for having a lawyer who will protect your interests.  First, you want to find out if the attorney is honest and fair in his dealing with his client, and will not give you false hopes in order to take the case.

Second, ask about whether the attorney is prompt in returning calls, and consistent in keeping the client informed. Third, you want to find out if the attorney is knowledgeable in the area of the law for which he was previously hired. Finally, you want to know if the attorney has demonstrated the skill and ability to handle all matters in the court room, even if the case may not have gone to trial.  


Education, Experience

I attended LSU law school in the fall of 1985, became a Moot Court Member, then graduated in the summer of 1989.  I passed the bar exam and had the honor and privilege of being admitted as a Louisiana lawyer by the Louisiana Supreme Court on October 6, 1989.  

Then, I worked as a Research Associate at LSU law school's Center for Civil Law Studies, for about 9 years, and practiced law on the side.

In the year 2000, I worked for a Baton Rouge law firm, and in the summer of 2001, I opened my own law office.


I am also a certified translator in three languages: French, Arabic, and English.




Trial Experience

Although not all cases go to trial, being well prepared to go to trial is important in order to obtain a good result, in case of a last minute settlement.


Over the last 31 years of my practice, I have tried scores of cases, ranging from personal injury cases, family law cases,  and  criminal law cases.


In order to minimize the cost of litigation to the client, I also attempt to negotiate a good outcome on behalf of the client.  


However,  certain cases have to go to trial, and there is no other option.






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